NFL Combine could be leaving Indy in 2026 after 37 years of hosting the event

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Posted at 7:39 PM, Feb 28, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-28 19:39:16-05

INDIANAPOLIS — No one hosts the modern NFL Combine better than Indianapolis considering they are the only city to host it since 1987.

“It’s a sense of pride to have the NFL back here in our city for the Combine,” shared Visit Indy Executive Vice President Chris Gahl.

For 37 years, Indianapolis has been a prime host.

“It’s our connectivity and walkability,” explained Gahl. "It's the idea that no matter the weather, you stay in hotels that are connected through climate controlled skywalks into our convention center into the stadium. That walkability is unprecedented in any other city in the nation."

As the NFL continues to grow, other cities have expressed interest in hosting the Combine and making the event rotating like the Super Bowl or Draft.

“Other major cities want this event,” explained Gahl. “It's incumbent on Team Indy to make sure we play defense, and a little offense, to make sure that we keep it here safe and sound past 2025.”

Nicki Ewell is the NFL’s Senior Director of Events. She feels strongly that Indianapolis does an excellent job at hosting events.

“Our scouts and team personnel love Indianapolis,” shared Ewell. “They love how accessible and walkable it is. Our fans can park and come in. So, that's really a priority for us.“

One way Indianapolis is looking to push for a continuation of the event is increasing the fan experience.

“It's fan facing,” said Gahl. “It's family friendly, it's free. You can step outside of Lucas Oil Stadium and there's a fan fest with passing, kicking, merchandise, player appearances, the Lombardi trophy, and all the past Super Bowl rings.”

The NFL Combine is open to fans Thursday through Sunday. Admission is free but fans must download the NFL One Pass app to gain entry.