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Lawrence woman opens food truck to improve stigma of health surrounding the black community

Gurvitz first kickstarted her business in June 2021 during the pandemic. She said she was catering out of the family home.
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Posted at 11:18 AM, Feb 23, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-23 19:36:19-05

LAWRENCE — A Lawrence woman is working to do her part and change the stigma around health in the black community by meeting neighbors where they are.

Myka Gruvitz is taking her food truck, Eve's Garden Deli, all around Indianapolis. Her food truck doesn’t serve traditional, greasy options you might typically find, but instead healthier, fresh options.

“Everything is made with love,” Gurvitz told WRTV.

Eve's Garden Deli didn’t start as a food truck. Instead, Gurvitz got her start as a restaurant on Oaklandon Road less than a year ago.

“I told myself that you can go further if you are on wheels, so I decided to get a food trailer," Gurvitz said.

She now runs and operates the food truck off Pendleton Pike in Lawrence at least four days a week.

She travels throughout Lawrence, Pendleton Pike and the Oaklandon area.

“In the Sunnyside area all you see are fast foods, fried foods, the things of that nature,” Gurvitz said.

Gurvitz’s first kickstarted her business in June 2021 during the pandemic. She said she was catering out of the family home.

“I picked up 20 pounds eating at home with my children and said no we can’t do this,” Gurvitz said.

Less than a year later, she opened her brick-and-mortar store.

“High blood pressure tends to run in the black community and eating healthier will reduce that,” Gurvitz said.

Her deli on wheels serves everything from salads to wraps and sandwiches, and it’s all for a community that’s near and dear to her heart.

She doesn’t want her food truck to stay in Lawrence. Gurvitz said she has dreams to travel all around.

“I want to branch out more, I want to travel more, that’s why the food truck is the perfect option for me,” Gurvitz said.

If you are interested in learning more about Eve's Garden Deli, click here.

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