TikTok is limiting users under 18 to 60 minutes of scrolling per day

Posted at 5:08 PM, Mar 01, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-01 17:08:58-05

Minors using TikTok will soon be limited to how much time they’re allowed on the app due to a new automatic setting administered by the app’s creators.

In a blog post, TikTok announced that anyone under 18 will automatically be set to a 60-minute daily screen time.

Once the 60-minute time limit is reached, teens will be required to enter a passcode to continue using the app. The company says in doing this, teens will be required to make an active decision to extend their usage time and be mindful of the amount of time they’ve spent on the app.

Minors on TikTok will receive a message in their inbox recapping their screen time from the previous week. Direct messaging is only available to TikTok users above 16, and users must be at least 18 to livestream on the app.

According to the post, TikTok is also updating its Family Pairing feature by allowing parents to link their account with the minor’s and set parental controls.

Parents will now be able to filter the child’s "For You" page by removing videos that use certain words or hashtags. Parents will also have the option to set their own screen time limit as well as mute the child’s TikTok notifications at a certain time.

According to the bog post, the new rollout saw a 234% increase in use of the app’s time screen tools in the first month.

TikTok, owned by ByteDance, has been incredibly popular among Gen Z users.

“Something like almost 40% of young people when they’re looking for a place for lunch, don’t go to Google Maps or Search, they go to TikTok or Instagram,” Prabhakar Raghavan, Google Senior Vice President, said.

According to the blog post, the team at TikTok wants to help teens manage their time wisely and improve digital well-being.