Children's book tells the story of Eva Kor and the Holocaust

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Posted at 6:43 AM, Jun 13, 2022
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TERRE HAUTE — Decades after the Holocaust, the story of Eva Mozes Kor and her sister Miriam lives on through many different avenues.

A new book, "I Will Protect You", was written by Kor and author Danica Davidson. The two met after one of Kor's speeches in 2018.

I Will Protect You, a book released in 2022 by Eva Mozes Kor and Dana Davidson

"She was just so adamant about how smart kids are, how much they understand and how we need to tell them these stories in an accessible way because we haven't been and we see what happens when we don't," Davidson said.

The book goes through anti-Semitism, surviving the Auschwitz concentration camp and the events and emotions that happened after the liberation in 1945.

"This is a very rare child's point of view and that's what can make it work as a kid's book, because it is from a child's point of view of survival," Davidson said. "This book also ends with Eva finding healing."

Eva and Miriam opened the CANDLES Holocaust Memorial Museum and Education Center in Terre Haute in 1995. It is Indiana's only Holocaust museum and the city is the former home of Eva and her husband Mickey. The museum's current executive director, Troy Fears, says opening it was Eva's way to honor her sister after she died in 1993.

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The CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center in Terre Haute, Indiana.

"The museum itself is dedicated to not just Eva's story, but to the story of the Holocaust, and particularly the Mengele twins," Fears said.

Josef Mengeleconducted medical experiments on Auschwitz prisoners and took an interest in experimenting on twins, including Eva and Miriam.

Fears acknowledges the Holocaust is a heavy topic for people of all ages, especially kids.

"We try to tell Eva's story— it's a powerful story. It's one of not only forgiveness but just of hope, and healing and perseverance. Kids really like that and they really gravitate towards her story because it is a powerful story," Fears said. " It's one that encourages everyone not to give up and, you know, continue fighting for your dreams and fighting for what you think is right. In this case, [Eva] was fighting to live and it was because she wanted to be with her sister, and she wanted to find out, you know, what life was all about outside of Auschwitz."

eva and miriam kor
Twin sisters Eva and Miriam Kor

The Indiana Historical Society opened two new exhibits this year about Eva's story and the Holocaust.

indiana historical society holocaust exhibit
The Indiana Historical Society opened two new exhibits in 2022 on the topic of the Holocaust.

"Eva Kor from Auschwitz to Indiana" focuses on her life and legacy, while Dimensions in Testimony offers visitors ways to interact with Holocaust survivors. Both exhibits are open through January 2024.

indiana historical society eva kor
The Eva Kor exhibit at the Indiana Historical Society

I Will Protect You is available at the Indiana Historical Society, online and in bookstores.