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Proposed tax increase in Franklin Township has residents sounding off

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Posted at 9:20 PM, Apr 21, 2022

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP — A 24.4% increase in taxes is proposed on a May primary ballot in Franklin Township.

The Franklin Township Community School Corporation says it needs the extra money for the kids, while some within the community say they can't afford it.

"I understand times are tough. Times are hard. Unfortunately, this is not going away. These buildings aren't gonna magically improve after being 50 years old," Franklin Township schools teacher Adrienne Haynes said. "Our schools are what builds the reputation of our community — and so, if we don't improve that, then how do we improve being able to provide for those children?"

The district says space and aging infrastructure are its main concerns.

If they delay addressing those concerns, the district says it will just mean more money in the future.

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The proposal calls for a 24.4% increase on the school portion of the 1% tax cap.

If approved, it'll cost residents about $0.21 more per $100 of net assessed home value. For the average household in Franklin Township, that's about $15.50 a month or $186 annually.

"It's going to keep eating into our pockets. With me being a diabetic and my insulin ... these taxes are going up? That just cost me a bottle of insulin a month," David Sisk, a longtime resident of the township, said.

The district has created a tax calculator to help residents figure out how much more it will cost them based on their income.

The district's "growing to meet the future plan" calls for an expansion and renovation of the high school. It also calls for renovations at six township elementary schools.

More information on the proposed referendum is available here.