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Tipton County High School students crown senior with autism Prom King in special night

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Posted at 7:27 PM, Apr 24, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-02 13:09:49-04

TIPTON Co. — On Saturday, Tipton High School students voted for who they thought deserved to be crowned Prom King at this year's prom, and they chose a student who had won over there hearts.

When senior Shaun Jones was crowned as king the crowd erupted in applause and approval.

"He was surprised, he was smiling and very happy," his twin sister, Cheyenne Jones told WRTV.

Shaun's mother, Charlene, said she got a call from her son's date and Cheyenne's best friend Kate Middleton with the news.

Prom King Shaun Jones with his date Kate Middleton

"Shaun just got nominated for court," Middleton told his mother.

Moments later, she broke the news, "Shaun just got Prom King!"

Charlene said she could hear the crowd break out into the loudest cheers over the phone and she started to cry.

Shaun Jones with his twin sister Cheyenne Jones

Shaun was diagnosed with autism when he was three-years-old. His mother said the community has embraced him since the beginning.

"He loves people and loves talking to people," Charlene said. "Through school he communicates and gives everyone fist bumps, he genuinely loves all his friends at Tipton High and the community."

His sister says he's very popular at school and often people approach her to talk about how awesome he is.

"Everyone loves him," Cheyenne said.

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In his spare time, you'll find Shaun working at the local grocery store, Needlers, or riding his three wheel bike around town.

Shaun is also a huge Star Wars fan. He tells WRTV that he loves the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda. His boutonniere was even Star Wars themed.


When asked about winning Prom King, Shaun says it made him "very happy."

He said he wore his sash and crown to school after being crowned where he was congratulated by everyone from students, staff and even middle school students.

Shaun said his favorite part about prom was dancing his heart out while his classmates cheered him on. And he also wanted to add how he was very proud of his twin sister who is in the Band Color Guard and will march in the 500 festival this May.