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"Business as Usual" consulting program is helping more Hoosiers become an entrepreneur

Helping Hoosiers become an entrepreneur
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Posted at 11:10 PM, Jun 20, 2022

INDIANAPOLIS — The pandemic and the shifting economy have inspired many Hoosiers to become their own boss. One woman is helping others along the path to entrepreneurship.

"We always just talked about it. Just not working for somebody else. So even when the pandemic hit, it was just like, 'We need to step out on faith.' We just needed to go work for ourselves and just build something for ourselves, our future, and our family," Latonya Boyd, a mentee through “Business as Usual" said.

It was January 18, when Boyd made a bold move to become a business owner.

"I always hesitated because we always talked about it for years, but I just hesitated. That day, that she called me, and she said it, it was like something just rung in my ear," Boyd said.

Boyd walked away from her job and turned to Patrina Williams to help her reach her entrepreneurship dreams.

"I have helped over 23 people to open up their own PSA homecare services," Patrina Williams, Owner of Business as Usual said.

Entrepreneurship is not a new venture for Williams. She took that leap of faith nearly three decades ago.

"Back then I owned a cleaning company. As of today, I own four businesses," Williams said.

And now she's doing her part to help others achieve their goals.

"Even if you never owned your own company before, I am there to mentor you through the steps," Williams said.

So, she started, "Business as Usual,” a consulting program to mentor people to open their own non-medical home care agency.

"We help you get your EIN number, and then we walk through the process of your policy and procedures, and you must have insurance. Complete your application for your PSAs. It's a step for everything," Williams said.

Since the pandemic, entrepreneurship hit an all-time high, especially among black small-business owners, according to data from the Kaufman Foundation.

Williams said doing her part in making sure the success rates match the surged percentages is the greatest reward she could ever ask for.

"It's scary to work for yourself. I just always depended on a typical 9 to 5 and punching in for somebody, but just having the option to just do it on your own, it's just bigger. The vision is bigger," Boyd said.

Williams will be hosting an informational meeting for those who are interested in starting their entrepreneurial journey to opening a non-medical home care agency, on July 6.

You can visit Business as Usual for more information.

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