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Boone County tenants being forced out by investment group

Posted at 6:35 PM, May 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-11 18:35:04-04

BOONE COUNTY — A Boone County woman and three children are at risk of losing their home with no place else to go.

This comes after new investors took ownership of the house.

"Somebody has to help," Katherine Houser said.

Houser, 64, is on disability and takes care of her three grandchildren in a rented four-bedroom house in Boone County. She is now being forced to leave.

"I signed a year lease and now it doesn't matter and I've only been here six months," House said. "Please, please have a heart and don't throw us out on the street because there is no way we can find a place to go by the end of the month. There's no way."

On April 15, an introduction letter from Enhance Property Solutions, a real estate consultant was sent out to Houser and other tenants stating they were the new landlord.

Three days later, property management stated rent would increase on May 1.

"They raised it $325 then all (of) a sudden they changed their mind," said Houser.

On May 5, another letter was sent. This time the letter asked tenants to vacate by June 4 due to the poor condition of the properties.

Up to $500 was offered for tenants to move out sooner.

"But there is no rental properties anywhere I have checked," Houser said. "I have looked. I have called. I have even gone to places that were supposed to be for rent and it wasn't happening. I'm like 'where the heck are we going to go?'"

Houser said she was blindsided.

She said losing her home puts her three grandchildren at risk of going back into foster care.

"I want to keep them here," Houser said. "We like it here. We don't wanna move. It is nearly impossible. I don't know how we are going to do it and I don't know where we are going to go. It's making me a nervous wreck."

WRTV went to Enhance Property Solutions office in Indianapolis looking for answers.

We were told no comment.

WRTV emailed the property manager asking how many tenants are impacted and will they be able to move back in after repairs.

Those questions weren't answered but in a statement, Enhance Property Solutions stated several properties must be vacated due to immediate repairs.

Houser is begging the property for help.

"Please, give us a new place to go if you want us to move out," Houser said. "Set us up temporary until you finish cleaning up these houses making them livable and then let us move back in."

WRTV has filed a public records request to find out how many people will be impacted.

Enhance Property Solutions encourages tenants with questions regarding this process to reach out to the property management listed on the notice.

The full statement from Enhance Property Solutions:

"Due to the conditions and environment of the properties we recently acquired in Advance, we have unfortunately come to the conclusion that several properties must be vacated due to the immediate repairs required to ensure safe living conditions. While the 30-day notice served to some current tenants is in accordance with Indiana law & in accordance with their month-to-month lease, we understand that timeframe may be short for some and have offered monetary assistance and prorated rent to those who are able to vacate the premises. If a tenant has questions regarding this process, they are encouraged to reach out to our Property Management team listed on the notice."
Enhance Property Solutions