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Camp Atterbury hosts marksmanship training for soldiers

Posted at 3:14 PM, May 31, 2023
and last updated 2023-06-01 11:22:14-04

CAMP ATTERBURY — As we continue to honor Military Appreciation Month, WRTV continues with our behind the scenes look at some of the military exercises taking place at Camp Atterbury.

One of those exercises is marksmanship training. Camp Atterbury has a simulator, which allows for soldiers to gain valuable experience practicing shooting, serving as a qualification to get behind a real gun, going to the range, and firing live rounds.

This engagement simulator allows them to experience how a M-4 rifle, M-9 pistol, and M-2 belt-fed heavy machine gun feels and handles.

A regulation a few years ago made it so units have to come to train on the simulator first.

"It's important especially for National Guard soldiers who might not get to go to the range very often. If you don't practice on something a lot, you get rusty, So you're able to come in here and practice just like you would on the real range. It's not costing bullets and things like that. So, you're in a nice, clean environment, real relaxed, air conditioning. Heated in the winter time. So you're able to get some really good training in here that prepares you for the ranges," says Mike Vincent, who is the Training Support Center Manager at Camp Atterbury.

The simulator is a game changer - so much so, that they're booked most every weekend throughout the year.