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City-county council approves proposal for Major League Soccer stadium

The Metropolitan Development Commission will also need to approve the plan. Then, it can be sent to the state budget committee.
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Posted at 10:29 PM, Jun 03, 2024

INDIANAPOLIS — Tonight, Indianapolis moved another step closer to bringing a major league soccer team to the city.

The city-county council voted to approve Mayor Hogsett's proposal in establishing a professional sports development area downtown.

Proposal 175 would essentially create a new tax district to fund a pro soccer stadium.

The area near Pearl Street is where the city hopes to build the stadium that would become home to a major league soccer team.

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The vote comes just days after the Rules and Public Policy voted to recommend a 'do pass' to the full council by a vote of 6-4 following passionate public comment session from both sides.

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Tonight's vote was no different.

Mayor Hogsett made the following statement on the approval:

Tonight, a bipartisan vote of the City-County Council sent a resounding message: Indianapolis is ready to write the next chapter in our sports story. Over the coming months, our community will unite in pursuit of this once-in-a-generation opportunity to secure a Major League Soccer expansion club for our city.

I'm grateful to the City-County Council for supporting the vision to solidify Indianapolis as America's greatest sports city, and extend my thanks to the residents who continue to passionately participate in this process.

The owner of Keystone and Indy Eleven, Ersal Ozdemir, had this to say:

Tonight's vote is the unfortunate result of a false choice presented by city leaders, with a majority seemingly motivated more by fear than hope. That isn't the way Indianapolis has succeeded in the past, and I fear that the tactics used in pursuit of a legislative win at City-County Council may result in huge losses for the future of downtown development and professional soccer in Indiana.

I love Indianapolis, and tonight's decision does not diminish that feeling or my passion for Eleven Park. That is why I believe there is still an opportunity for the kind of collaboration that has always characterized our city at its best. As I have repeatedly said in recent months, Indy Eleven's investors and I remain ready and willing to meet with Mayor Hogsett to discuss a productive way forward as one city. It would be our hope that like so many mayors before, he will see the benefit in bringing all parties together rather than continuing to forge this path alone.

Ozedemir has previously expressed his desire to work with the City of Indianapolis to bring both Eleven Park and a MLS Stadium to life.

Supporters of Indy Eleven say they won't support a non-Indy Eleven soccer club. Below is a statement from Brickyard Battalion:


Now that the proposal was approved by the city-county council, the Metropolitan Development Commission will also need to approve the plan. Then, it can be sent to the state budget committee.

It only goes into affect if and when a major league soccer team is brought to Indianapolis. Should they not come, nothing will change.

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