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Court sides with neighbors, files list of injunctions for A.J. Hammons house parties

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Posted at 5:20 PM, Jul 24, 2023
and last updated 2023-07-24 17:20:05-04

INDIANAPOLIS — A Marion County court sided with neighbors against a Purdue basketball player on a lawsuit claiming his house parties have caused a nuisance to neighbors.

In court documents filed Friday, June 21 a list of injunctions were filed against A.J. Hammons, with rules that must be followed for future gatherings at his home.

Hammons waspreviously sued by neighbors who complained of loud music, crowded streets and gunfire as a result of parties at his home.

The lawsuit claimed that neighbors are “living in fear each day and that their lives are in danger” due to the parties at Hammons’ home that have been ongoing since 2019.

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The neighbors, along with HOA sought to keep Hammons from having any parties at the home of more that 20 people.

In court documents filed Friday, the court ruled that no Indiana laws would allow such a restriction, however, a list of injunctions were filed to address the nature of the parties.

The list of injunctions are listed below:

1. Hammons shall provide and pay for security personnel to be in attendance when a paid ticketed event of twenty-five (25) or more persons is in progress and to remain on the premises until the party ends.

2. Hammons will take reasonable steps to prevent his guests, for any gathering, from trespassing onto any of the Harrison Run Homeowner Association property by posting signage that clearly prohibits parking in the Harrison Run neighborhood.

3. All persons in attendance at a Hammons party will submit to search for weapons when entering or leaving the Hammons property.

4. In addition to having paid security personnel on the premises, Hammons will take other reasonable measures to prevent the discharge of any weapons across a public way while on or about the Hammons’ property as well as when entering or leaving the Hammons’ Property. This includes advising guests verbally or with signs that any discharge of weapon will result in an immediate report to local authorities and that they will be subject to possible arrest and prosecution.

5. Hammons shall not permit the broadcast of unreasonably loud noise from his property at any time nor shall Hammons permit yelling, shouting, screaming, running in or around his property

6. Hammons shall not allow his guests to park their vehicles anywhere within the Harrison Run Homeowners Association neighborhood or to impede traffic, pedestrian crosswalks, alleyways, yards, or driveways on Fall Creek Road.

7. All large paid parties hosted at the Hammons property will end by no later than one o’clock a.m. and all guests are to leave the property by that hour.

8. This Permanent Injunction shall take effect immediately upon execution and shall remain in full force and effect until such time as it is modified by the Court.

9. Plaintiffs shall be refunded their security bond, in full, as of the filing of this Order.

10. All the above prohibited activities are directed to the Defendant Aaron J. Hammons; however, Hammons may not avoid his responsibilities under this order by allowing gatherings to occur in someone else’s name or by an excuse that he was not on the property when the gathering took place.

The Court, therefore, finds in favor of the Petitioners Harrison Homeowners Association, Inc. Christina L. Clark, Nicholas Blesch Clark, Erin Templeton and John Templeton and against the Defendant Aaron J. Hammons.

According to court documents, the injunctions will take effect immediately and remain in effect until modified by the court.