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Grandfather of Baby Amiah Robertson: Child's mother 'needs to pay' if responsible

Chuck Robertson
Posted at 7:17 AM, Sep 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-13 11:25:33-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Chuck Robertson says learning an arrest was made in connection to the disappearance of his eight-month-old granddaughter, Amiah Robertson, comes with mixed emotions.

"I'm ashamed to say it, but I felt relieved in a way because something is finally happening," he said.

Chuck Robertson's shame stems from the fact his daughter and Amiah's mother, Amber Robertson, has been arrested and indicted by a grand jury in connection to the baby's 2019 disappearance.

"Hate to know it was my daughter. That's my blood. I care about her and love her but if she has anything to do with this, she needs to pay for it," he said.

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Chuck Robertson says his daughter has maintained her innocence to him from the very beginning.

"I would always ask and she would tell me she didn't know nothing," Chuck Robertson said. "I want to believe her, but deep down in my insides, I can't. I just can't."

Amber Robertson spoke to WRTV several times over the years, pleading for the safe return of her daughter. Now, she's facing four counts of varying degrees of neglect of a dependent.

Robert Lyons, her ex-boyfriend, is also facing the same charges. A warrant is out for his arrest. The most serious offense carries a sentence of 16 years, according to prosecutors.

Their charges are as follows:

  • Neglect of a dependent resulting in serious bodily injury — level 3 felony
  • Neglect of a dependent resulting in serious bodily injury — level 5 felony
  • Neglect of a dependent with deprivation — level 5 felony
  • Neglect of a dependent — level 6 felony

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The indictment alleges Robertson knowingly placed her daughter in a dangerous situation or "cruelly confined Amiah Robertson and/or deprived (her) of necessary support" and "deprived (her) of necessary food, water or sanitary facilities." The actions resulted in serious bodily injury to the child, according to the indictment.

Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears said if they were able to locate any remains, Robertson could face more charges.

"If she's found guilty, to know that she'll be behind bars for however long she gets, it's going to be a brand new level of loss and pain I'll have to go through," Chuck Robertson said.

Throughout the interview, Chuck Robertson held back tears when he talked about his granddaughter, thinking about what she may have gone through.

"She was a beautiful baby ... a beautiful baby. She was an amazing child. Not one time have I ever sat back and said 'Why me, why not somebody else?' because what I have felt and feel now, I would never wish on another person," he said.

Chuck Robertson says he hasn't spoken to his daughter Amber in more than a year. She was not happy about the last time he spoke to WRTV. Now that she's been arrested in connection to the disappearance of Baby Amiah, he had this to say about his daughter:

"Amber, I love you, but you made a wrong choice."