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IMPD highlights its crime fighting technology

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Posted at 7:07 PM, Sep 13, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-14 08:58:26-04

INDIANAPOLIS — IMPD is investing in crime fighting technology. They told WRTV its helping officers solve crimes faster.

 “Cameras and stuff have been an incredible help to this department — Not only for prevention but for identifying suspects,” IMPD Chief Randal Taylor said.

The department highlighted some of its crime fighting technology on Wednesday. IMPD says it has 18 drones and 13 pilots.

The department said in a release the program allows officers to have a birds-eye view when locating a suspect, while making apprehensions safer for police.

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 “We have the cameras. We are very focused on the individual who we think has the gun, we were able to radio officers that he was going up the stairs,” Deputy Chief Kendale Adams said.

IMPD highlighted an incident from April where the department says it used its public safety cameras to track down a group of juveniles who were reported to be carrying guns in the area. Police say they were able to arrest one of the juveniles.

“This is making our community safer,” Deputy Chief Adams said.

In the last year, IMPD says the department has added 32 public safety cameras, bringing its total to nearly 100 with roughly 250 views.

The department has also added more than 60 license plate readers, bringing its total to more than 320. The technology works to track down a vehicle if it is used in a crime.

 IMPD said there are about 50 businesses using its B-link technology.

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"Technology has a role in nearly every facet of our society and law enforcement is no different. Here at the IMPD, it is helping officers patrol more efficiently and effectively and it is helping detectives solve crimes and making our community safer,” Chief Taylor said.

 IMPD said the department is pursuing its Gunshot Detection system. The City will begin contract negotiations with the selected vendor in the future.