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Police say thieves targeted local yoga studios, posing as new clients

Two women at The Hot Room
Posted at 7:49 AM, Aug 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-02 07:49:41-04

INDIANA — Over the weekend, yoga studios across Central Indiana reported to police they had been victimized by suspected thieves.

Cindi Odle, the owner of Baptiste Power Yoga in Carmel, says her studio was hit by two women.

"They were here for all of maybe eight minutes and then had to leave for an emergency. They asked to be put in a class for the next day. We weren't suspicious at all," Odle said.

Odle believes she knows the reason why the two women targeted yoga studios.

"I think yoga studios, in general, are very welcoming places, accepting places, very trustworthy places," Odle said. "The women told us their stories and really made us believe they were interested in taking a class.

As the women were leaving, Odle says the duo stole wallets, purses, keys, and other personal items. Carmel police told WRTV they're investigating and working with Odle on this case.

Despite pulling one over at the yoga studios, the two women could not avoid being caught on camera. There is a security camera video of the women leaving Target after using the stolen credit cards for their purchases, according to police.

Women leaving Target
A picture taken from security camera footage at a local Target. Carmel Police say the women used stolen credit cards for their purchase.

There is also a video of the two women at The Hot Room location in Fishers.

Two women at The Hot Room

The women were wearing masks and hats and gave the yoga studios fake names. They have not been identified yet

Despite the initial panic and fear, Odle says the situation could have been worse.

"We were able to get back their phones, one of their purses, some other valuables had been thrown out on the side of the road. $80 in cash," Odle said. "All the credit cards were canceled and the money will be refunded."

While this situation is trying, Odle is leaning on the lessons you learn in yoga to get through it.

"In preparation for my class today, I read a passage about forgiveness and how people are either giving love or seeking love," Odle said. "Unfortunately, these women are seeking love, they're seeking acceptance and awareness from someone."

Police say this is a good reminder for people to be careful and mindful of where they store their personal belongings, no matter how safe they think their surroundings are.

If you have any information you think could help police identify possible suspects, reach out to the Indianapolis, Carmel, or Fishers police departments.