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Teen allegedly shot at for trying to get his dog back from neighbor’s yard

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Posted at 7:03 PM, Mar 21, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-21 19:05:45-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Too many people being too quick to pull the trigger is something mental health experts say is a sad reality of today’s society.

WRTV has reported on a number of incidents this week alone, including a shooting at a Broad Ripple bar and a 17-year-old shot at for honking her horn.

“Let’s think about it, think about how you want to come across to someone,” Kimble Richardson, a licensed mental health counselor, said.

Now, another teen was shot at for allegedly trying to get his dog from a neighbor.

“He’s a good kid. He wants to go help and serve people,” Lesvi De La Cruz said about her son, Jason.


She says it’s even more shocking that a conversation involving a gun has surrounded Jason.

“It almost seems constant to hear gunshots, which is sad to think that it’s just another gunshot that was in our neighborhood but now seeing how personal it was and how it changed our whole lives is just indescribable,” De La Cruz said.

But that’s exactly what court documents outline.

Earlier this year, Jason was walking home from school when he realized his dog had gotten out and was in his neighbor’s yard.

“At first I was shocked, I couldn’t believe it, especially the reason why,” she added.


Courts documents say the neighbor yelled at Jason to get off his property.

Police say Jason begged the neighbor to get his dog, but the neighbor went back inside, came back with a shotgun and allegedly fired two shots at the teen.

“It was shocking, and I felt helpless,” De La Cruz said.


Jason was not hurt, but his mom says he is still shaken up about the incident.

“This is a very tenuous and scary time in our society,” Kimberly P. Rusununguko, CSW, a licensed clinical social worker, said.

It’s a similar story that we have seen time and time again now — guns being used to resolve and settle disputes before even trying to talk it through.

“This is a result of a lot of stress and behaviors that are likely derived from a history of trauma,” Rusununguko added.

Therapists are sounding the alarm about why they think incidents like these are continuing to happen. The solution, they say, is easier than we may think.

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“It is our duty to not stay quiet anymore, we have to start speaking up. If no one is going to protect us, we have to protect each other,” De La Cruz said.

Court records show the man who fired the shots has been charged and is facing multiple felonies.