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15 churches in Indianapolis launch “Don’t Lose Your Cool” Campaign

"Don't Lose Your Cool" Campaign launches in Indianapolis
Don't Lose Your Cool Campaign
Posted at 9:02 PM, Jul 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-04 09:28:34-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Following weekend violence across the Circle City, 15 churches launched the “Don’t Lose Your Cool” campaign.

The campaign focuses on teaching teens and kids de-escalation tactics through community programming.

Pastors from all 15 churches focused their sermons Sunday on how to respond to situations that could become violent. A portion of pastor Kenneth Sullivan Jr’s sermon at the New Direction Church focused on anger and how it is one letter away from danger.

"We know as temperatures rise tempers flare and we know that in the past we have to had to deal with gun violence in our communities due to different acts and different issues,” Sullivan said. “So, we want everybody to take a step back don't lose your cool. "

Gun violence is something Sullivan deals with firsthand. He keeps a folder of homicide victims he's buried.

"Before you act stop, pause, think, reflect, and then when people tend to do that they tend to make better choices, “ Albert Brownlee the director of programming at New Direction Church said.

Better choices are what the programming hopeS to encourage, while also giving people in need the option of working together.

"I believe if we can address some of the things that ill our community at a very base level then we will be able to see long-term systemic change, " Brownlee said.

"It's not just faith leaders it's also our elected officials it's also our everyday citizens our neighbors our community our parents our teachers everybody must embrace this and learn to teach this to young people," Sullivan said.

The “Don’t Lose Your Cool Campaign” is being spearheaded by Indianapolis Urban Pastors Coalition. Those involved in the campaign are offering programming throughout the summer.

For more information about the programs, they are offering click here.