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Irvington Lofts residents report car break-ins in apartment's parking lot

irvington lofts break in
Posted at 10:50 PM, Jan 04, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-04 23:20:19-05

INDIANAPOLIS — Irvington Lofts residents are trying to get back to normal after a weekslong power outage in November. They experienced another complication on Thursday.

Several residents tell WRTV an unknown vandal went into their parking lot and broke into several cars.

"I woke up to a phone call saying someone tried to steal my car," said Irvington Lofts resident Brian Dunlap.

irvington lofts break in 2
A car is damaged after a break-in attempt at an Irvington apartment complex parking lot.

Dunlap said he can no longer drive his Kia Forte because of the damage done to it.

"They tried to bore the ignition out, now it won't lock and won't start," Dunlap said.

Dunlap and other Irvington Lofts residents are already on edge with the apartment complex after they were left with no heat and electricity during a cold snap in November, as well as a planned outage of the complex's heat later that month.

The power outage led to legal action against Irvington Lofts from the Marion County Public Health Department.

Dunlap said the car break-in upset him on a more personal level.

"This car is the only thing I've got left of my dad," Dunlap said. "He died in 2021, five days before Christmas. I can't drive it, I can't lock it, and now I'm afraid they're going to come back and try to take it."