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Indianapolis DoorDasher says she was shot at while driving, bullet shatters window and grazes her arm

Jenifer Diamond Shooting Aftermath
Posted at 10:11 PM, Apr 11, 2022

INDIANAPOLIS — Jenifer Diamond is a DoorDash driver who has worked delivery jobs for several years, so she's used to unexpected things happening while out driving.

However, what happened to her on March 16 has left her feeling unsettled and worried.

"For a split second, I'm thinking I got a flat tire or something and then the window exploded," Diamond said. "It blasted glass all over the front of the car."

To her shock and dismay, Diamond realized someone was shooting at her car. It happened near 21st Street and Mitthoefer Road.

"I'm scared to death the next bullet is going to be the one that kills me."

Diamond's sweater was grazed by a bullet and her cell phone holder was hit. She believes the force of the bullet hitting her holder caused two cracks in her windshield. Her back passenger door window was also shattered.

Jenifer Diamond Shooting Aftermath
Pictures from Jenifer Diamond showing the aftermath of the shooting

Diamond's back passenger window is now fixed, but there's still damage from the first bullet that didn't shatter her window.

"I was insanely lucky. I'm very thankful for being that lucky but the fact that someone is shooting at me to begin with — I want to know why," Diamond said.

IMPD says this is an open and ongoing investigation. Diamond gave police the bullet she found in her floorboard. They don't believe whoever is responsible for the shooting knew she was a DoorDash driver.

At this time, investigators have not identified a motive in the shooting.

"There was no road rage. No arguing with anybody. No being mad at anybody or nobody was mad at me," Diamond said.

Diamond is a gun owner and had her firearm with her that night, but it didn't do any good in this case.

"Whether you've got a gun or not, it doesn't make a difference if the bullets are coming from behind you."

Diamond hopes sharing her story brings awareness to what happened and touches on something bigger that impacts everyone in society.

"We've got to find a way for people to have a reason not to be so mad and not to want to shoot and kill each other," she said.