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Naptown All-Pro wrestling providing free tickets to kids to fight gun violence

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Posted at 8:11 AM, Feb 27, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-27 11:08:45-05

INDIANAPOLIS — Naptown All Pro strives to decrease gun violence in Indy youth, one wrestling match at a time. They do so by making sure every child is represented by the performers, and giving free tickets to kids in underserved communities.

There is an option on every ticket page that we have set up for a $10 donation where we will make sure that a ticket gets in the hands or a kid or a parent so they can come to the show," Jordan Rose, owner of Naptown All Pro said.

Rose grew up on the east side of Indianapolis. He grew up with many of the issues the kids these day are facing. One big problem he says he is hearing over and over is that there is nothing for teens to do on the east side, which is why he founded Naptown All Pro.

"We are a wrestling organization that focuses on running in low income neighborhoods to try and get kids an alternative activity so they can get on the streets and have something to look forward to," Rose said.

During each show they make sure the kids are involved in the show. An involvement the athletes are more than happy to entertain.

" I come from a pretty rough area in Atlanta and I just want kids to know that there's more options than being a rapper or something like that," Blak Jan Mak one of the athletes said. "You can be a wrestler or just do something productive. "

The athletes are also diverse, with people from all walks of life in the ring. An important representation which has attracted athletes from all over the country.

"You look at this show you will see someone of every single race you will see someone of every gender identity you will see multiple religions you will see all of that," Darian Bengston said. "Me growing up, I didn't feel like I was represented properly. "

The show itself might not be something kids can attend daily but the founders hope their message will have a lasting impact.

"If somebody who you know just now is able to rent a car is able to figure out some way to build a community and put it forth in action maybe the people who have been doing it for quite sometime can do the same," Rose said.

If you are interested in donating tickets to kids in need you can do so when you purchase your tickets for a show on Naptown All Pro's website. Shows take place at the end of every month.