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Teen injured after collision on Raceway Road continues recovery

Posted at 10:29 PM, Dec 03, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-03 23:14:31-05

INDIANAPOLIS — Earlier this week, Audrey Bousum swam in her first high school swim meet.

"It felt really great. I really liked doing it, I felt free," Audrey said.

Getting to her first meet took a lot of hard work. Almost four months ago, Audrey was in a hospital bed.

"I hurt my pelvis, broke both of my femurs and I broke my ankle," Audrey said.


In August, Audrey was riding her bike with her dad on Raceway Road near the B&O Trail when she was struck by a man on a motorcycle.

On Wednesday, Hendricks County prosecutors charged Trevor Bowman with two felonies. Police say he had drugs in his system during the crash.

"[We are] wanting justice for Audrey because this has obviously radically changed her life, and it was something she did not cause," Zane Bousum, Audrey's dad, said. "She had her helmet on, we looked both ways. This should have never happened."

Following the accident, community members expressed concerns and held a prayer vigil to talk about ways to make that portion of Raceway Road safer. A neighbor started a petition calling for speed monitors and a lighted crosswalk. State Rep. Renee Pack (D-Indianapolis) and State Senator J.D. Ford (D-Indianapolis) attended.

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“It’s something we want to see happen. Whether it’s some changes or realization that this is needed. It’s dangerous if something isn’t done,” Zane said.

The Bousum’s say they’ve always talked to their kids about making sure traffic is clear when they cross the road. They’ve been told efforts to add safety measures have stalled because that area crosses several districting lines, which makes it more complicated.


They're grateful now that Audrey is here and progressing quickly.

“It’s been amazing because she’s still progressing daily,” Rachel Bousum, Audrey’s mom, said. “The accident was August 10; she was in a wheelchair until October 6 and now she’s just using one crutch.”