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IU students react to COVID-19 vaccine requirements

The university announced it will be requiring all students, staff and faculty to get vaccinated before the fall 2021 semester.
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Posted at 5:55 PM, May 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-21 22:42:21-04

INDIANAPOLIS — The recent mandate will impact all IU campuses, and those who do not wish to comply will need to look for a new place of higher education, or a new job.

Many students have left campus for the summer, but some graduate students at IUPUI weighed in on the announcement.

“It’s wonderful and it’s the only way that we’re going to get back on track and I think it’s safer for everybody at the university,” Sarah Langlais, a grad student studying chemistry said. “I hope that we can get back to normal campus activities and social gatherings and everything else but that can only happen with people willing to get the vaccine.”

Hannah Zimmerman, who is also a chemistry graduate student at IUPUI said this is not a surprise that the university came to this decision.

“Totally 100% for it. We have to have other vaccines to come to college anyway, what’s the point of a different one?” She said.

Both students work with COVID-19 in the lab they do research in at school. They were able to get the vaccine earlier than the general public because of their work.

"I understand some people’s hesitancy to timelines but there is a lot of evidence that corners were not cut,” Zimmerman explained. “It is what it is at this point so either get on board or you’re going to figure something else out.”

Students who refuse to get vaccinated won’t be admitted to the university.

WRTV made an attempt to contact students and staff who are opposed to the mandate, but so far no one has responded to us regarding that side of the issue.

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