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'Residents are tired of looking at it': Mooresville building still in disrepair after 2020 tornado

Mooresville damaged building
Posted at 5:02 AM, Jun 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-09 07:34:44-04

MOORESVILLE — The devastation left after a 2020 tornado remains on display.

In April of that year, an EF-1 tornado ripped through Mooresville, damaging buildings on Main Street.

One building took the brunt of the damage, and more than two years later the building is still not repaired or even demolished.

The building on the corner has changed ownership since the tornado came through. It’s now owned by Finmar Properties, LLC.

Because this building is an eye sore for residents, business owners and guests of the town stepped in and filed an agreement with Finmar on May 20.

It states Finmar has 30 days to demolish the building. If they don't, the town can open bidding to contractors to get it demolished.

If the town must pay for the demolition, the invoice will be remitted to Finmar.

Finmar then has 15 days to pay that invoice if not a lien will be placed on the property.

"We want to eliminate the eye sore as soon as possible and that's why the council voted to do so. But in this country, we have private property rights which I respect very much, so you have to go through (the) legal process,” said Shane Williams, a member of the Mooresville Town Council, a resident and a Main Street business owner.

Williams said the 30 days from the agreement expires on June 20. At that point, if the building isn’t demolished, the town council will begin the bidding process to get that done.

Darrin Marley with Finmar Properties told WRTV he had “no comment at the time” on the building or its future.