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Ten years after Lauren Spierer's disappearance: 'The answers lie in the State of Indiana'

A decade after her disappearance, where is #FindLauren?
Lauren Spiere
Posted at 9:26 PM, Jun 03, 2021

BLOOMINGTON — A decade after 20-year-old IU student Lauren Spierer disappeared on June of 2011, her family and friends are still holding on to hope. Months after Lauren’s disappearance, the Spierer family hired a private investigative firm based out of New York City to help in the case.

Mike Ciravolo, President of Beau Dietl & Associates, the private investigative firm the Spierer family hired. He has worked with the family since the fall of 2011, but to him, it's personal. The family has become “more than clients,” Ciravolo said.

“[This case is] the one I wake up to the one I close my eyes at night I think about often times. I carry Lauren in my wallet with me everywhere I go,” Ciravolo said pulling out a wallet-sized missing persons poster.

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2021 marks the year Lauren would have turned 30 years old.

"We know more but with we don't have, we don't have the final most important answer of who's responsible and where is Lauren?” Ciravolo said.

In fall of 2011, Ciravolo said his team spent weeks in Bloomington and the surrounding areas collecting evidence and doing interviews. As the case garnered national attention, he said tips were coming in by the “hundreds and hundreds and hundreds” but in the years since, the tips have slowed significantly.

Ciravolo is hoping the case “heats back up” as news of the 10-year benchmark hits airwaves this week. For the private investigator, he said has pledged to the family to continue working the case.

“The answers lie in the state of Indiana and the people of Indiana or a person or a few people in that state, please come forward,” Ciravolo said.

Ciravolo added the Spierer family deserves closure.

“They'll never be the same. They've had they've had wedding of Lauren’s sister Rebecca, they’ve had grandchildren come into their life, but I know there's a piece missing,” Ciravolo said.

The private investigator urges those with any information — even all these years later — to call his office, call law enforcement, speak with clergy, etc.

“I promised the Spierer’s I will never retire from this case as long as I am able to continue, I will,” Ciravolo said.

On Thursday morning, Charlene, Lauren’s mother, posted a lengthy message to Facebook, reading in part: “I try my best, I will survive, I will never forget. I do not need a day like today to remember because every day is a day of remembrance.” The full statement can be read here.

Bloomington Police released a pre-recorded video message on the status of the case Wednesday night noting it is not a cold case and tips continue to come in.

Those with information on this case are asked to send in tips:
-Bloomington Police: | 812-339-4477
-Crime Stoppers: 317-262-TIPS | 317-262-8477
-Beau Dietl & Associates: 212-557-3334 |
-Anonymous tips: Find Lauren
PO Box 1226
Bloomington, IN