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WRTV Fact Check Friday: Why hasn't the newly-created Use of Force Board reviewed recent cases?

Posted at 11:07 AM, Jun 04, 2021

INDIANAPOLIS — The latest Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department reforms involve more taxpayers having a say on police matters.

Within 48 hours — in two separate situations — officers had to make split-second decisions that made headlines.

On Saturday, an IMPD officer was injured in an exchange of gunfire during a chase. On Monday, a man accused of lunging at police with a knife during a domestic disturbance was shot.

So, did the officers follow their training and department policies?

To review these situations, a new board was created months ago.

So the question being asked is:

Why hasn't the newly-created Use of Force Board reviewed the recent cases?


Any review from the Use of Force Review Board will not happen until possibly the end of June.

That's because members of the Board wrap up their official training on Saturday, June 5.

Their eventual review will focus on the officers involved in the situations on May 29 and May 31.

Metro Police Chief Randal Taylor says these two cases will be the first for the newly-formed group.

"It will be a learning process for both of us," Chief Taylor said. "There are going to be some things we have to work out. I've met this group, I feel pretty good about them."

It's also possible that officers currently on administrative leave could return while they wait for the Board to release its findings.

The Use of Force Board is made up of a majority of civilians. Five people and four police officers.

In the coming days, WRTV will have more with the chief on his reform agenda for IMPD and his message about change.

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