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Seniors raise concerns over safety, plea for help from WRTV

Property Management Company provides a checklist for repairs
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Posted at 11:51 AM, Feb 20, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-20 11:56:25-05

INDIANAPOLIS — Peace and quiet are what people who live at Lafayette Landing cherish the most. It's one of the reasons they moved to this gated apartment complex on the west side of Indianapolis near Marian University.

Over the past several weeks, tenants have become upset with a number of safety issues they feel puts them at risk. When I drove to 2333 Lafayette Road on Feb. 15, the entry gate was up in the air and the sidewalk gate was open. Tenants say both issues have been a problem for weeks.

"When I'm paying for something, I want to get the value that I was promised," said Cecilia Wisdom.

Cecilia moved into Lafayette Landing in April 2014. The complex was built in 2012.

As I walked to the front door, I was greeted by other people who wanted to show me issues they believe are a security risk.

Lisa Shanklin feels she's in danger because the front door doesn't lock. Usually, visitors would have to be buzzed in, but tenants tell us that hasn't happened in weeks.

Shanklin pays extra to park here, but she tells me that several overhead lights have been out for months. The replacements are on the floor waiting to be installed.

"I have residents that I look out for (and) I cook for. I want to make sure they're safe because they don't have a voice. I'm going to plain and simple," said Shanklin.

In their community room, I held a small town hall meeting to get a better idea about their concerns.

Kittle Property Group responded immediately about the concerns I shared with them. Attached is the email following with their response.

According to a Kittle spokesperson, the parking garage lights have been installed and maintenance is addressing the sidewalk gate door. Several hallway lights have been fixed and an electrician has been called to address two other lights that are too high for maintenance to reach.

A repair service has been called to fix the front door because if it was yanked too hard, the panic bar would jam. A new entry gate has been ordered but is not set to arrive for another three months.

"I pay my rent. Do what you are supposed to do. You're taking my money, do what you are supposed to do, " said Shanklin.