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Terminated Pregnancy Reports show more abortions performed in June 2022 than June 2021

Posted at 9:52 PM, Sep 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-16 11:20:30-04

INDIANAPOLIS — After hours of digging through hundreds of Indiana Department of Health terminated pregnancy reports for the month of June this year, WRTV Investigates found around 822 people got an abortion.

That's nearly 140 more compared to the IDOH's monthly data for June of 2021.

These numbers are fluid, as IDOH is still collecting data.

The ages range from 15 to 39.

The Indiana Department of Health is still gathering data and working on our request to find out the number of all abortions performed in 2022.

Let's take a look at 2021.

More than 8,400 abortions were performed.

Around 8,200 of those were private clinics, like Planned Parenthood.

Medical records show, that most of those procedures were for Indiana residents who were eight weeks pregnant or less.

Due to health care access, all of the abortions were performed in just seven out of 92 Indiana counties.

74% of those were in Marion County.

Breakdown of race:

  • 48% of patients were white
  • 35% were black
  • 10% were considered other
  • 4% were Asian
  • Multiple and unknown races represent the other 3%

Access to abortion care is now, nearly banned in Indiana.

"We know that this is new territory for many of our providers, and that has increased certainly the anxiety around are they making the right decision," said Dr. David Ingram, IU Health’s Executive Vice President.

IU Health says it's spent weeks preparing for the changes in the medical system.

"We anticipate increased pregnancies in the state," Dr. Ingrams said.

Doctors say they also expect a future baby boom.

"So the flip side of this is, did we have the capacity in our systems with our neonatal intensive care units to accommodate that volume? Currently, we are running at about 90 to 95% capacity in those units. so that's something that we needed to think deeply about," Ingram said.

A 24/7 rapid response team is now available for Indiana doctors who question if an abortion can be performed under the exceptions outlined in the new law.

WRTV is still digging through the 2022 Terminated Pregnancy Reports.

We'll keep you updated as we learn more about the impact of the new law.