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WRTV Investigates suspicious group asking for money in Central Indiana

maria bone marrow sign
Posted at 7:22 PM, Jul 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-27 11:48:35-04

FRANKLIN — At many intersections throughout central Indiana, people stand with signs asking for money.

At the intersection of Jefferson Street and U.S. 31 in Franklin, the WRTV Investigates team stopped to speak with a group that was holding signs to help a sick child.

There have been reports of people seeing similar signs in Greenwood, Columbus and Indianapolis.

The signs read “Donation – Help Maria – Marrow Transplant” in large font.

When asked where Maria is, the group claimed the child was in the country of Turkey.

The group is traveling the area in a Black Kia Sedona van with Texas plate No. RPX1714.

Beyond that, the group was unable to answer simple questions about the child and their reason for raising money.

After consistent questions, the group decided to call the police on reporter Rafael Sanchez.

When police arrived, they realized the group was driving without a license. They had to leave their vehicle and wait for someone to pick them up.

This ended their moneymaking operation for the day.

According to the city of Franklin, the group is in violation of the city’s ordinance. The ordinance states there is no soliciting in the right of way without a permit.

The city says no group has filed a permit to do so in the last four years.

Real-time editor James Howell Jr. assisted in this report.