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NWS confirms tornado touchdowns in Madison, Rush counties during Wednesday storms

Posted at 12:29 PM, Jun 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-09 17:21:35-04

INDIANA — The National Weather Service has confirmed that tornadoes touched down in Madison and Rush counties during Wednesday night's storm outbreak.

An NWS damage survey showed an EF1 tornado lasted from about 4:08 to 4:28 p.m. in western Rush County, just east of Morristown, followed by an EF0 tornado about 6:13 to 6:14 p.m. in Summitville,

The first tornado carried winds of about 100 mph and damaged the intersection of West 200 North and North 900 West, as well as several homes and trees. It also lifted a storage shed off its foundation and 40 feet away, according to a damage report.

"The tornado likely lifted briefly over a large field but then hit a fire station on U.S. Highway 52 where the south side of the roof was torn off and debris lofted several hundred yards to the northeast ... The tornado then continued skipping to the east per law enforcement observations and witnesses," the report states.

The tornado also caused minor damage to a school before lifting for a final time east of Highway 3 and west of County Road 150 West along County Road 300 North, according to the report.

At least seven homes were damaged as a result of the storm.

The second tornado initially touched down in a grove of trees west of a wastewater treatment plant and then moved through Summitville, according to a separate damage report.

"At the plant, a poorly-secured roof was partially lifted and pieces strewn downwind in a convergent pattern. A 2x4 was planted into the ground from the southeast, which was opposite of the general damage direction," the report states.

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The tornado then went through town, causing damage to trees and roofs and more significant damage along Mill Street. Several large dree limbs damaged a car, and insulation was splattered across a home in the area.

In addition, mud was splattered throughout the town. The tornado eventually snapped two oak trees before lifting with no further damage.