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Delphi case gets national attention as Libby's cousin races in Bristol Dirt Races

Posted at 7:33 AM, Apr 01, 2022

DELPHI — The Delphi deaths investigation is yet again in the national spotlight - this time on the race track.

Joshua Lank Jr., 18, is Liberty German's cousin.

Lank races and is competing in the Bristol Dirt Nationals this weekend.

Lank's car has a poster of the man wanted in connection to the deaths of Liberty German and Abigail Williams printed on the hood.

The car design also includes two QR codes that allow people to download video of the suspect.

Lank says having the poster on the hood of his vehicle was his decision and something he wanted to do to help his family.

"My dad... he put it on his street stock the year it happened he had a car. I got into racing the year after that and I just thought - doing my part in getting the word out," Lank said.

The hood of his car isn't the only physical link to his cousin and her friend. Lank also wears his 'lucky bracelet' bearing the names Libby and Abby.

He says it brings him luck during his races and he's hoping that remains true when he's racing in Bristol this weekend.

"Click on the audio. If anyone knows the voice call the tip line and get it in. This guy's days are numbered, I promise you that. It's coming to an end," Lank said.