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'It's scary, just knowing that he was so close': Libby's family reacts to news of arrest

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Posted at 4:30 PM, Oct 31, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-31 19:09:29-04

DELPHI — The family of Libby German, who along with Abby Williams was murdered on a hiking trail in February 2017, is beginning to process the news from Indiana State Police that an arrest has been made stemming from their deaths.

“I have been taking a lot of silent time to process it and figure out what my emotions are,” Kelsi German, Libby German’s sister said. “They're definitely not what we expected them to be.”

German’s grandfather Mike Patty echoed Kelsi German.

“It's not what we thought it would be,” Mike Patty, Libby German’s grandfather said. “Because we've been so focused for five and a half years on getting to this point. And all of our energy and focus has been towards getting the information to law enforcement so they can make an arrest. Well, now they've done that.”

Indiana State Police officially announced that Richard Matthew Allen, 50, has been arrested and faces two counts of murder stemming from their February 2017 deaths.

After a nationwide search, it turns out that Allen, was a Delphi resident of at least 16 years, living just 2.5 miles from the location in which German and Williams’ bodies were located.

Kelsi German says it is scary to know Allen was in town the entire time.

“It's scary, just knowing that he was so close,” Kelsi German said. “And we had no idea. But it just goes to show that any tip could be helpful always turn in what you think may be nothing. Because ultimately, we're all searching for someone that's out there somewhere. And they could be anywhere.”

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After spending the majority of the past five-plus years spreading the word of Libby and Abby to people across the world, Becky Patty says she wouldn't change anything about what she has done.

"Maybe it took all of that. Maybe it took looking further away to find him here?" Becky Patty said. "I don't know. I only know that I feel like we did our part. What we had to do to keep the pressure out there. That was what we were supposed to do. And I don't regret any of it. I would do it all again. If it meant finding him again. That's what I would do."

After more than 2,000 days of remaining steadfast in the search for the person responsible, the German family is already turning their attention to how they can continue to help in the process of finding justice for Libby.

“So, we're still processing (the arrest),” Mike Patty said. “You know, what's our role going to be there in that? In the prosecutions, you know, how do we continue to help?"

Mike Patty said the obvious thing he could do is continue to ask people to continue providing investigators with tips about Allen, or anyone else.

“(We’ll) obviously keep their story out there. Keep their names out there and ask people to help turn information in on anything that they have related to the case. We have a face; we have a name. If you've ever had any interaction with him or anything else with this case, just ask them people to turn that information in.”

Watch both Kelsi German and Mike and Becky Patty speak below.

Mike and Becky Patty react to arrest in Delphi murders
Kelsi German speaks after arrest