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Local superheroes spread courage to kids being bullied

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Posted at 6:12 PM, Apr 15, 2022

MOORESVILLE— A couple in Mooresville is doing their part to support kids who are being bullied.

James Jones and Danielle Clark work to help kids that are being bullied or dealing with tough times. They show up at schools, homes and even hospitals to remind kids to have courage and tell them they aren't alone.

"We talk to them about how they don't need to acknowledge these bullies," Clark said. "They can just go around and let it roll off their sleeve. You don't really need to acknowledge what they are saying because a lot of people are just saying what they feel on the inside about themselves."

The couple suits up to bring the definition of a superhero to life.

"Bullying isn't good," Jones said. "Be proud of who you are, have confidence in yourself, have courage and strength and overcome the bullying that you are enduring. Know that tomorrow is going to be a better day."

Jones said bullying is a huge issue among our youth.

"Unfortunately a lot of people don't understand the hardships that the kids are going through with bullying," Jones said. "You have kids that are six, seven or eight years old that get bullied so much that they want to commit suicide."

If you would like the couple to meet your child, you can message them on their Facebook page here.

Each kid they visit gets a certificate for having courage.