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'Tis the season for large morels in Indiana

Large Morel Mushrooms
Posted at 6:30 PM, May 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-11 23:09:40-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Tis the season.

A recent mushroom hunting trip for a grandfather and grandson in Hillsboro turned into finding a pot of gold – gold being yellow morels.

Rob Clodfelder says he and his grandson Brigston found a group of large morel mushrooms under an old wild apple tree in the area.

Mushroom hunting finds 2022

Clodfelder has been mushroom hunting for over 45 years and enjoys taking his grandson who will turn three in June.

“(You have to) Take your time,” Clodfelder said. “Stop and scan the area carefully. People move too fast.”

Clodfelder said his biggest haul ever was around 10 pounds in one outing and when he was a teenager, he was lucky enough to find a morel standing a foot tall that landed him in the local newspaper.

Despite it being a slow season according to Clodfelder, he and his grandson have enjoyed their time together in the outdoors.

“The outdoors in Brigston’s happy place,” Clodfelder said. “That is not too common these days. It makes me quite proud.”

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Mushroom hunting finds 2022