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Contracted security employee for Muncie Community Schools accused of dealing marijuana

Posted at 5:28 PM, Nov 30, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-01 21:19:44-05

MUNCIE — A man who worked as a contracted security officer for Muncie Community Schools has been arrested for dealing marijuana and other charges.

The district says he is not an employee of Muncie Community Schools.

According to a probable cause affidavit, the suspect told police he went to the 400 block of North Wheeling Avenue on Tuesday night.

During that conversation, the woman's husband also came out onto the porch. During that conversation, the suspect said he had a pistol in his coat pocket. He said he did not pull it out or threaten anyone with it, but the couple may have seen it because his coat pocket was unzipped, according to court documents.

The pistol was found in the suspect's vehicle, according to court documents.

Police received permission from the suspect to go through his Facebook messages between himself and the woman.

At one point when discussing the sale of marijuana, the suspect said, "Yes I'm doing security at the middle for the basketball game I'll hit you when I leave."

According to the affidavit, the suspect went to the Wheeling address to sell the woman an ounce of marijuana for $200.

The suspect says the woman took the marijuana inside and did not pay for it. She later came back and said she was calling the police, according to court documents.

When asked by police if he had pulled the pistol out of his pocket or made any motions that could have been misinterpreted as a threat, the suspect says they could have because the pistol was in his car when he arrived.

According to the affidavit, the woman claims the suspect was pointing his pistol at the ground in her direction and said he could shoot anyone and get away with it because he has a clean record. The woman denied purchasing or taking any marijuana.

The man faces preliminary charges of dealing marijuana, intimidation and driving a motor vehicle while suspended.

A spokesperson for Muncie Community Schools tells WRTV the suspect is a contracted security employee for the district through Legacy Life Security Solutions.

Robert Scaife, owner of Legacy Life Security Solutions, said the employee had been working with the company since July of this year.

The security officer was assigned to Muncie Southside Middle School.

"We regret the reputational impact this incident may have on our school partners, but it has not changed the passion or dedication we have in providing security for them, and we appreciate their support," said Scaife in a statement to WRTV. "Our team loves this community, and we will work through this together."

Scaife said the employee was immediately suspended from his position following the arrest, with termination expected pending formal charges.

"While the incident occurred during his personal time and not in his capacity as a security professional, I am obviously disappointed that it occurred at all," said Scaife. "As a long-standing member of the Muncie community, I am completely dedicated to providing our local schools with the best security possible, which includes having the finest employees who are properly trained and exhibit outstanding character."

The Delaware County Prosecutor tells WRTV they have not received the case yet, but once they do it will be reviewed for formal charges.

WRTV does not name suspects until formal charges are filed.

On May 24, Muncie Community Schools announced it is partnering with private security firm Legacy Life Security Solutions.

The initial plan stated:

  • Three SROs will serve Muncie Central High School
  • Two SROs will serve Northside Middle School
  • Two SROs will serve Southside Middle School
  • One SRO will serve the district's six elementary schools on a rotating schedule

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The total cost of using the outside security firm is $675,000 a year.

"To have every school have an SRO [school resource officer], that can be a difficult chore, but we are on the path to getting there,” Andy Klotz, a spokesperson for the district, said. “We are very close to being able to having that one-to-one relationship in our elementary schools. We are getting there."

The National Association of School Resource Officers recommends that every school have “at least one carefully selected, specially trained school resource officer.”

The association has also recommended schools have at least one SRO for every 1,000 students.

Muncie will have 11 total officers for its 5,000 students, which is well beyond the recommendation.

“We are well over the nationally recommended amount of SROs,” Klotz said. “We think we are being proactive, open-minded and aggressive in our approach to school safety and school security. We know it’s the number one concern and you don’t want to send your child to a school that isn’t safe and we believe we have a safe as school system as anywhere is this.”