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Family lives in fear after shots fired into their home multiple times in Irvington

Posted at 5:54 PM, Sep 06, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-19 09:26:41-04

UPDATE: On Oct. 19, IMPD confirmed that an arrest had been made in the case. Officials have not yet released additional information.

IRVINGTON— An Irvington family is fearing for their life after their home was shot at several different times.

The shootings all happened when the mom and her 1-year-old daughter were inside.

Bullet holes in several windows can be seen when you walk up to the home in the 1400 block of Audubon Drive.

It's a quiet street, the one neighbors say everyone knows everyone.

You can also see several homes with security cameras, but they didn't stop someone from firing into the home at the end of the street.

Lance Huffman and his wife have lived in and raised their three daughters in the home for six years.

Huffman says they no longer stay in the home, out of fear.

"We're terrified. We don't know what to do," Huffman said. "It feels like a horror movie, you definitely don't feel safe at home."

For the past month on several occasions, the Huffman's safe space has had bullets fired into it. The window in their living room and one in their basement have bullet holes in them.

Their car has also been shot at.

The crime hasn't stopped at gunshots, Huffman says a propane tank was also thrown through the back window of the home.

They do have surveillance footage of the shots being fired.

You can see a white car drive slowly past the home, stopping, gunfire rings out and the car drives away.

The family says it's been the same white car every time.

"It shouldn't be an issue, shouldn't be an issue for us," Huffman said.

The Huffman family feels so unsafe they aren't even staying at their home.

"We have five cats, a dog and three kids. Finding a hotel that accommodates for that is real tough," Huffman said.

They have turned to the police and filed a police report.

But they add they can't think of any reason why someone would shoot into their home.

"We're hoping that it is like a mistaken identity, we don't have any enemies," Huffman said. "I don't think there is beef, you know I couldn't imagine."

The family hopes if anybody knows anything, they will come forward.

IMPD says they have received a few reports of shots fired.

A detective has been assigned to the case.