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Fishers police urge vigilance following residential burglaries

Posted at 9:25 PM, Mar 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-21 21:25:45-04

FISHERS — Fishers police are warning community members about break-ins that have taken place in the last couple of weeks.

They say that people in the Masthead and Hamilton Proper neighborhoods near Geist Reservoir have reported missing cash, jewelry, and firearms.

Police say homes where these thefts have happened show signs of forced entry.

Investigators believe a handful of these residential burglaries were done by a South American theft group that targets upper-middle-class communities across the country.

One resident of Fishers says he has been hyper-vigilant since the burglaries took place.

“We watch a lot closer and all of our neighbors talk — and we are all friends so that's great and helps,” said Kevin Bennett. “We have a security system and an alarm system and all that."

The Fishers Police Department says residents can do the following to keep themselves safe:

  • Install exterior lights at all entrances. Consider motion detector lights.
  • Install a wide-angle viewer on all exterior doors.
  • Check who is at the door and do not open the door to anyone you don’t know.
  • Install good locks on all doors and windows. Use those locks.
  • Be sure locks on doors and windows can be opened quickly in case of fire.
  • Leave a light on when you are not home. If you are on vacation, use a timer to control lighting.
  • Don’t hide keys outside.
  • Remove house keys from your keychain when your car is serviced.
  • Talk with trusted neighbors. Keep an eye on their house and ask them to watch yours.
  • Stop mail and newspaper delivery when you are away.
  • Install an alarm system that will detect entry and notify police.
  • Have your lawn mowed and snow shoveled when away.
  • Close garage doors at night.
  • Keep trees and bushes trimmed. Do not let plants block doors and windows.

The department recommends calling police if they see any suspicious activity. The burglaries that took place are still under investigation and police have yet to make any arrests.