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Indianapolis woman accused of stealing car and wrecking it into home with 3-year-old in back seat

An Indianapolis woman was arrested for allegedly stealing a car, crashing it into a home and fleeing the scene.
Posted at 3:29 PM, Feb 24, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-24 15:29:32-05

INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis woman was arrested for allegedly stealing a car, crashing it into a home and fleeing the scene. Her three-year-old daughter was in the backseat.

On Jan. 27, a woman driving a stolen car crashed into the living room of a house in the 5700 block of Oliver Ave.

According to court documents, a mother was lying on her couch in the living room with her infant when the crash occurred. The impact of the crash threw the two off of the couch. The mother suffered severe injuries to her arm. The child was unharmed.

Court documents describe a video recorded by a neighbor in the aftermath of the crash that shows a driver getting out of the car and attempting to open the rear passenger door. The video then shows the woman walking into the house, getting her child out of the car and leaving the scene.

According to police reports, witnesses caught up with the woman and told her that she can't just leave. In response, she told them she was not the one driving.

The video also shows two additional passengers exiting the car and walking away. They have not been arrested.

Another neighbor allegedly heard crying and went to help the injured woman and her child, court documents say.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department responded to a stolen vehicle report that matched the car from the accident. The owner of the vehicle confirmed that the identity of the woman who stole his car was his friend, the same one from the witness’ videos.

According to police documents, the woman was driving 92 mph. The neighborhood’s speed limit is 30 mph. Police say the woman also ran a stop sign before crashing into the home.

After the accident, the driver sent text messages to the vehicle's owner saying she was sorry and asking if he could cover for her.

You can read the text messages below.

As stated in the police documents, the woman claimed she was driving so fast because she has a “heavy foot.”

She is being faced with charges of auto theft, criminal recklessness, child neglect and leaving the scene of an accident.