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Driver recalls terrifying moments as shirtless man pulls a gun on him in Fishers

Man with Gun - Fishers
Posted at 8:34 PM, May 17, 2023

FISHERS — An Indiana man says he was driving in Fishers when a shirtless man walking across the road pulled a gun on him.

"I was scared. I was shaking, but I knew somehow God was going to protect me," the victim told WRTV's Kaitlyn Kendall.

The victim, who asked us not to use his name for safety reasons, said he was heading south on Cumberland Road near Water Crest Drive when he saw a man crossing the road.

"I saw him and I thought 'it's 53 degrees out on a Sunday morning, Mothers day. Why is he shirtless?,'" the victim said. "As he turned to cross the road, I immediately saw the gun."

The victim said he slowed down to let the man cross and immediately noticed that the man was carrying a gun.

"He got to the center of the road. He turned and faced me, and he pointed the gun right at me," he said.

The victim told police the man had a "wild look in his eyes" as he pointed the gun at him, according to court documents.

"It was very frightening. But I knew somehow god was going to protect me," the victim said.

He said the man never fired the gun, but turned and walked away, stuffing it into the back of his pants as he walked into the neighborhood nearby.

As soon as the man started walking, the victim said he called 911 and snapped a couple of photos of the shirtless man walking away with his phone.

Court documents show the driver said the man had a "wild look in his eyes."

The driver says the man put the gun in the back of his pants and walked into the neighborhood nearby.

He tells WRTV Fishers Police Department officers arrived quickly and began looking for the suspect.

Police say they used a drone and were able to quickly take the man into custody.

Police say they did find a gun on the suspect, but it was not loaded. He's facing charges of intimidation, public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Although still shaken from the incident, the victim tells WRTV he hopes the man is able to get his life back in order.

"I can't imagine what he was going through. I'm not angry at him at all," he said. "If we can all stop and enjoy the people and the community we live in. I think our lives would be better, more peace would come, and there's be a lot less of the concerns about violence or hurt."

Fishers Police say the victim did everything right and they offer the following tips if you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

  • Maintaina safe distance
  • Immediately called 911
  • Try to remember as much information about the suspect as possible so you can relay it to police