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Johnson County sees record homicides in 2022, sheriff saddened by the numbers

"Any type of violence isn't going to get you anywhere."
Posted at 6:42 PM, Jan 19, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-19 18:42:57-05

JOHNSON COUNTY — Johnson County saw a record 10 homicides in 2023.

It is the most homicides they have seen, ever.

Johnson County Sheriff Duane Burgess says it's not a number they are proud of.

"In particular 2022 was a rough year for Johnson County law enforcement," Burgess said. "We would see 1 or 2 within the county. The 10 really affected us. It taxed the officers both physically and mentally."

Among the victims were the three people who died after the mass shooting at the Greenwood Park Mall, and a woman shot and killed by Greenwood Police..

48-year-old Jason Grider was one of the victims. His wife describes him as a father and a friend.

jason grider

"He had a great personality. He was super funny," Sarah Grider said.

Police say Grider was shot and killed last July in Greenwood.

"He was wonderful with his kid. He always played toys with her. He did these Star Wars events where he dressed up in Star Wars," Grider said. "It's been really hard ... his daughter was having a hard time in school because she wasn't sure on how to express her emotions."

jason grider 2

Burgess said they have to change the way they are patrolling to help curb the spike in violence.

"Let people know that if they come to Johnson County, we got a great judicial system and we are working with the prosecutor's office and charges are going to be filed and there are going to be consequences," Burgess said.

Grider said she just hopes people think twice before being violent.

"Any type of violence isn't going to get you anywhere. It's going to get a person's family lost and they are going to be heartbroken and destroyed and not know how to move on with their lives," she said.

Sheriff Burgess said his department has three full time health officers who help respond to situations.. But he says he's working to make sure all officers have mental health training.

2022 Johnson County Homicide Victims:

  • Monica Vaught, 49, Greenwood
  • Rachael Cook, 35, Greenwood
  • Pedro Pineda, 56, Greenwood
  • Rosa Mirian de Pineda, 37, Greenwood
  • Victor Gomez, 30, Greenwood
  • Jennifer Lewis, 47, Greenwood
  • Angel Luna, 19, Franklin
  • Jason Grider, 48, Greenwood
  • Tamario Kendall Stokes Jr.,16, Greenwood
  • Johnathon Sapriman, 20, Greenwood *

*Sapirman was the gunman in the Greenwood Park Mall mass shooting. He was killed by an armed civilian.