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Neighbors in Fountain Square fundraising to rehab 1,000 feet of sidewalk

"Our neighbors want these sidewalks fixed and well, we’re going to get these sidewalks fixed."
Fountain Square Sidewalk Campaign
Posted at 11:41 PM, Jan 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-01 17:31:35-05

UPDATE: Board member Dakota Pawlicki told WRTV on Jan. 31 more than $24,000, or 60% of the goal, was raised. The group submitted their application for the full amount of $39,825.

"Given our ability to raise $24,000 in 20 days, we are confident in our ability to raise the remaining match funds if awarded the grant," Pawlicki said. "We’re really happy with where we are, incredibly grateful to our community for coming out so quickly to raise magic funds, and are optimistic about working with DPW to get these sidewalks fixed.“

INDIANAPOLIS — Neighbors in Fountain Square are taking matters into their own hands when it comes to fixing crumbling sidewalks.

Cracked, uneven and simply missing sidewalks line Spruce Street near the corner of Lexington. Neighbors said this spot, alongside dozens of others, creates hazards.

The fundraising project is called “1000 ft for FSQ” with a goal of fixing 1,000 feet of sidewalk.

fountain square sidewalks
Organizations and Fountain Square residents are working to raise money to fix sidewalks in their neighborhood.

The total cost for repairs is around $75,000 and the Fountain Square Neighborhood Association is looking to raise half of that, $37,500, by January 26. Through a grant, the Indianapolis Department of Public Works would match the $37,500.

“As a neighborhood association, we essentially have two choices. We can either wait for the amount of tax dollars to get high enough where they come and do it themselves, or we can try to raise the money and try to solve the problem today,” FSNA Board Member Dakota Pawlicki said.

Southeast Community Services is partnering on the project along with several businesses in town.

“Fountain Square, I have the print back there, that was the first design I ever did,” Nick Badman said in a Zoom interview pointing to a framed illustration. He owns Placemakers, a local art and design business.

While Badman does not live in Fountain Square, he feels connected, and that is why he is donating 70% of total profits through January 26 to the sidewalk campaign.

“When I saw the opportunity to help increase the quality of walkability in the neighborhood, that’s something I’m going to jump on,” Badman said.

He also released this limited-edition print for the cause.

CREDIT: Placemakers

Pawlicki said he is confident they will meet the goal of $37,500 by month’s end, but if not, he said the association will still apply for the grant.

“If it means we can do one foot, well we’ll do it one foot at a time. Our neighbors want these sidewalks fixed and well, we’re going to get these sidewalks fixed,” Pawlicki said.

FSNA recently canvased and identified different areas in desperate need for repair. The campaign continues until January 26. Click here to donate.