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Suspect in Fishers road rage shooting accused of hiring hitman to kill witnesses

Posted at 7:50 PM, Mar 24, 2023

NOBLESVILLE — A Noblesville man, who is facing an attempted murder charge for a road rage incident in November, is now facing two additional charges of conspiracy to commit murder.

According to court documents, 25-year-old Trevor Dahl is accused of hiring a hitman to kill two witnesses in his case so they couldn't testify against him.

An anonymous source told the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office that Dahl asked them if they knew anyone who would be willing to kill two people for him.

Court documents state that Dahl also gave the informant two handwritten letters detailing the two people he wanted killed.

In the first letter, Dahl referred to the two people as "Victim 1" and "Juvenile Victim 2." Court records say "Victim 1" was the suspect's girlfriend.

Dahl listed the victim's physical descriptions, addresses and vehicle descriptions.

"Can this be done by March 13th? I have trial that week, I can't have them take the stand," Dahl wrote in the letter.

Court documents say that Dahl told the informant he would pay them when he was released from jail.

Officers told the informant to have Dahl write another letter to a specific address and to use specific terms that only he and the informant would understand.

According to court documents, Dahl was then captured on surveillance placing a letter in the mailbox. The letter then was recovered from the mail by the police on Jan. 28.

In the letter, Dahl referred to the two victims as bathroom and bedroom renovations. He stated he needed it done by March 13.

According to court documents, officers instructed the informant to have Dahl call the hitman, known as Jimmy Dalehart, which would actually be an undercover detective.

During the phone call, Dalehart asked which job Dahl wanted done first.

"Probably the bedroom. They're both equally important, but probably the bedroom and that's gonna be the easier one," Dahl said.

According to court documents, the bedroom was referring to the juvenile victim.

Dahl also attempted to make plans for Dalehart to have his car towed.

Court documents say that Dahl tried to convince his parents to clean his car so it to be towed. They said they would store the car in the garage and did not want it to be towed.

In response, Dahl reportedly created a notarized bill of sale in order to transfer ownership of the car so that his parents could no longer have a say.

According to court documents, the bill of sale was written with help from the officers who were undercover as Dalehart.

In another phone call with Dalehart, Dahl reportedly agreed to pay a total of $4,000-$5,000 for the towing of the car and both hits.

“It would be easier to go ahead and gut it all and not have anything,” Dahl stated about the female witness. “We don’t want anything left of the bathroom for sure.”

On March 23, investigators confronted Dahl about the hitman plans.

According to court documents, he denied knowing anyone by the name "Jimmy Dalehart." Dahl did confess to his handwriting being on the letters.

When asked about the notarized bill of sale, Dahl declined to respond.

According to court records, Dahl is now charged with two counts of conspiracy to commit murder, a level 2 felony.