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Serving up ice cream instead of wedding cake, Ullery's Ice Cream honors officer on would-be wedding day

"She's made a huge impact in this community, bringing everyone together and unifying."
rpd blue angel ice cream
Posted at 9:57 PM, Aug 19, 2022

RICHMOND— Ullery's Ice Cream in the depot district of Richmond is honoring Officer Seara Burton on what was supposed to be her wedding day.

The ice cream shop spent Friday is serving up the RPD Blue Angel ice cream instead of wedding cake.

All of the proceeds from the blue raspberry flavor with white chocolate chips go towards the Blue Angel Fund.

Tammy Ullery is the owner of Ullery's and says she feels honored to serve a flavor honoring the officer.

"She's made a huge impact in this community, bringing everyone together and unifying," Ullery said.

It is support like this that Richmond Police Chief Michael Britt says hasn't gone unnoticed.

"We feel that support, we appreciate that support and it is much needed," Britt said.

Britt says it has been difficult going through a time like this.

"It's emotionally devastating," Britt said. "I still have to be a rock for my people to lean on and I am happy to be in that position. It catches me every once in a while."

The significance of dessert on this day is something Chief Britt says he can't help but recognize.

It was supposed to be Officer Burton's wedding day.

The couple would have shared wedding cake, instead one of the brides-to-be is still fighting for her life in a hospital in Ohio.

"It's heavy, but you always have to look for the silver lining in this if there is one. The fact is that her family has come together along with her fiancée and that absolute dedication is there, it's present and you can see it when you go to the hospital," Britt said.

Close friends tell WRTV her fiancee, also Sierra, has constantly been by her side.

Last week, Sierra publicly shared a message of thanks on Facebook those who have supported her and officer Burton.

Britt says knowing what their wedding day was supposed to be and what it looks like instead is tough.

"It's just absolutely unfortunate, but we push through it and God willing what was supposed to happen today will be able to happen in the near future," Britt said.

He hopes the ice cream flavor will bring awareness to what has happened and will push people to continue to pray for Burton.

The Blue Angel Fund is used for two different things.

Part of the fund will go to Burton and her family, while the other part will go to Richmond Police Department to do good in the city.

Ullery's says they will continue to sell the ice cream as long as they need to.

Britt took time at the ice cream shop to talk about Officer Burton and who she is an both an officer and a person.

"Officer Burton is a wonderful person, wonderful officer, and her family is great people. They deserve the support," he said.

Britt says the department has been undergoing grief support and adds the support they have seen has been heartwarming.

"At times a policeman, a police administrator can feel like they are on an island," Britt said. "Let's face it, we are policemen — but we are human as well."

Britt says navigating a time like he is now is difficult to explain. "As any other chief will tell you, it's emotionally devastating but you still have a mission to accomplish."

Britt said Officer Burton is a strong officer, and called her a warrior.

"Seara did not ride in on the coat tails of her family members, Seara rode in her all on her own and got the job she rightly deserved. She is an all star police officer, incredibly athlete, and wonderful caring officer and person," he said.

Burton is still in the hospital with a "grievous head wound" fighting for her life.

Britt says when he visits her at the hospital, he wonders how she is still alive. He said she has had little signs of improvement.

She has had pupil response to light, responses to pain stimuli and her vitals are pretty strong.

"I am a veteran policeman and I have seen a lot of injuries and a lot of people wouldn't have survived what Seara went through, but she has and we are all praying that she has a fighting chance for that," Britt said. "The fact that we are seeing some signs of improvement is absolutely amazing and we are very thankful for that."

Donations for Seara are also being accepted locally by the Richmond City Employees Federal Credit Union. Anyone interested in making a donation should do so by going to the credit union, which is on the second floor of the Richmond City Building, 50 N. Fifth St., south corridor.

Donations can also be made through the credit union's Venmo, available here.

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