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Senator Todd Young pays tribute to Rex Early on Senate floor

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Posted at 4:45 PM, Nov 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-17 16:45:02-05

WASHINGTON — United States Senator Todd Young (R-IN) took time on the Senate floor Thursday to honor the life and legacy of Rex Early.

Early died earlier this week at 88 years old.

The Vincennes Native, Marine Corps veteran and Indiana University graduate served as chairman from 1991-1993. He also served as the state chair for Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign in Indiana.

“Rex was a lot of things in life,” Young said. “He was a United States Marine. He was Chairman of the Indiana Republican Party. He was a candidate for governor of the state of Indiana. He was one of the few people in Indiana you had to go see if you wanted to run for public office.”

Young continued by stating the success the Republican party has seen in Indiana is greatly influenced by Early.

“The Republican Party in Indiana today has enjoyed a long period of governing success, helping our state become one of the best runs and most fiscally sound in the nation,” Young said. “And you can trace that success directly back to work Rex Early put in in the early 1990s.”

Young, a Marine himself, ended his speech with “Semper Fi, Rex.”