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Gun pulled on teen during alleged road rage incident on Indy's south side

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Posted at 10:50 PM, May 09, 2022

INDIANAPOLIS — An alleged case of road rage on the Marion County-Johnson County line left a teen shaken up and his parents looking for answers.

Caden Logue admits that the incident started after he threw a water bottle out the window while driving.

"Yeah, I understand I shouldn't have littered, but you don't need to bring a gun," Logue said.

Logue, 17, is a sophomore at Franklin Central High School. He recorded the incident where you see a man walk up to the car he is in, open the door, show a gun, and yell while calling the teen names.

"I was frozen because I didn't have anything else to protect me with. I couldn't really do anything but sit there and record," Logue said.

Road Rage

His mother, Amanda Logue, said seeing the video made her furious. "I'm not going to lie I wanted to go hurt him. That's my child, I wanted to go protect him," she said.

They filed a police report with IMPD.

"He can't do that, you can not do that to a child, you can't do that to anybody that's not a reasonable way to act," Amanda Logue said.

Indiana State Police say incidents like this are on the rise across central Indiana. "Somebody making a mistake while driving should not lead to road rage," ISP Sgt. John Perrine said.

Pointing a gun at someone can lead to many different charges. ISP says you can be charged with intimidation, and felony charges could stem from pointing a gun at someone.

The teen said he was nervous and a bit scared and added he wishes he had never thrown the water bottle out the window. "This is no excuse, but I am also a 17-year-old kid. At the end of the day I shouldn't have thrown it out and that's on me I will take that responsibility," Caden Logue said.

"They do not wake up with the intention of disturbing your day, so calm down, relax, everybody's got to get somewhere," Amanda Logue said.

On Thursday, IMPD said the suspect has been identified thanks to "the overwhelming response from the community."

When asked whether the suspect's name will be released and charges filed, IMPD said in an email, "There are still investigative measures that need to be completed before this determination can be made."

Perrine said when you are in a road rage incident you should call 911, and get away from the situation as soon as possible.

"A road rage encounter can be terrifying and the first thing to do is think about safety. It's okay to pick up your phone, call 911 and the dispatcher will give you direction on what to do," Perrine said.

He adds you need to find a way to get away from the person, exit the highway, or slow down. He also said he doesn't encourage you to speed up to an unreasonable speed, but to look for a safe way out.

When calling 911, you should have a description of the vehicle involved, and a license plate if possible.

The Indiana State Police Indianapolis Post confirms interstate shootings are on the rise.

  • 2022, 22 interstate shootings (so far)
  • 2021, 65 interstate shootings
  • 2020, 23 interstate shootings
  • 2019, 19 interstate shootings
  • 2018, 19 interstate shootings

"Somebody making a mistake while driving should not lead to road rage. We've all found ourselves in the wrong lane at the wrong time, where we need to merge, or we need to turn, maybe we forget to use our turn signal or whatever it may be. We haven to realize most of the time that's not intentional," said Perrine.