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Woman meets Indianapolis police officers who rescued her and her kids from apartment fire

Christine Culp and IMPD Officers
Posted at 10:21 AM, Apr 22, 2022

INDIANAPOLIS — Christine Culp said she's grateful to be alive after she and her two toddlers were rescued from an apartment fire on the south side of Indianapolis earlier this month by Indianapolis police officers.

They survived by going out of a second-story window. Down below were Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers waiting to catch them.

IMPD shared the harrowing moments on their YouTube page.

On Thursday, Culp described the ordeal and admitted she's still trying to process everything.

"I just can't believe like this is really happening. The whole place was surrounded in smoke. It's crazy. I'm just grateful we're ok," Culp said. "I just recently saw the video. There's a little emotion there, but I'm glad we're here."

For the first time since that early morning fire, Culp and her two children got to meet the officers who helped save them.

There were lots of hugs and thank yous from Culp to the officers. They even pitched in and bought Culp several gifts as she works to try and move on from this terrible loss.

Officer Wally Carroll was the first responder who realized Culp was at the back window screaming for help. Carroll explained why it was important for him and the other officers to stay calm.

"We're all trained for this. It somewhat comes natural," Carroll said. "You have to force yourself too remain calm because she's in that building by herself with her kids. I just want everyone to know we're here to protect and serve the community."

Culp is now living with family as she figures out her next move. Despite the hard road ahead, she says none of it would be possible if IMPD officers hadn't been there for her and her kids.

"I am grateful, truly. I'm grateful they were able to come with the quickness they did and saved our lives."