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ABC Prep Academy in Fishers helping to fill a manpower shortage in the construction industry

Posted at 7:50 PM, Apr 12, 2022

FISHERS — According to instructors at ABC Prep Academy, there are around 500,000 construction jobs open across the country. They say the programs the academy provides help fill some of those jobs by training high schools kids who are interested in the industry.

"I like more hands-on and on-the-job training rather than sitting in the classroom and listening to someone lecture to me,” Gavin Rutan, a senior at ABC Prep Academy said. “That’s not how I learn I like to be hands-on with the thing."

Rutan is a senior at Fishers High School. He spends his afternoons at ABC Prep Academy learning more about the construction industry. When he graduates high school, he hopes to start working toward becoming an electrician.

"We've gotten a lot of certifications that are useful,” Rutan said. “So, if somebody who doesn't have these certifications want to go get a job, but I have the certifications I probably have a better chance of getting the job, right? So yeah, I have learned a lot of things."

Students like Rutan are exactly who ABC Prep Academy is looking for; especially as the construction industry continues to have what they call manpower issues.

"Obviously when you don't have enough manpower or enough people to do the work it takes the project longer to get done,” Bryan Feller of Gaylor Electric said. “It forces you to work overtime and it causes delays in schedules. Owners don't like that and it puts more pressure on the contractor and the employees."

ABC Prep Academy works with those employers that have shortages and see what areas they need the most help. But they also make sure the students are going into a trade they enjoy.

"We sit down with the students one on one moving forward to make sure that what they think they want is what they actually want," Robert Kneberg, the Director of ABC Commercial Construction Prep Academy said.

Industry professionals say it's important to keep young people interested in the construction industry.

"You’re getting new young, excited people and they are getting a taste of what construction is like while they are in high school,” Feller said. “They can carry the skills they learned in high school into their professional careers."

The tuition for students to attend ABC Prep Academy is typically free. Plus, they place students in jobs once they complete their training.

To find out how to register call the associated builders and contractors, their number is 317-596-4950 or you can visit