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Hoosiers feel the lasting impacts of inflation

“I think if you can make it through this you should be able to make it through anything.” Hoosier’s feeling lasting impacts of inflation
Posted at 6:48 PM, Oct 14, 2022

INDIANAPOLIS — If there is one word that has caught everyone’s attention in 2022, it's inflation. Hoosiers all over are feeling the impact.

“Chicken tenders was the thing that hung out there the longest — to about $170 to $160 a box as opposed to $65 a box when we opened,” David Cohn, Owner of Chicago Beef and Dog company said.

Cohn opened the restaurant about three and a half years ago. The Chicago native said he was looking for Italian Beef and he couldn’t find it, so he opened Beef and Dog company on Indy’s east side.

“So, for instance, a box of potatoes normally $16 to $18 dollars – two weeks ago $70,” Cohn said.

Cohn said his restaurant has seen its fair share of challenges since they opened. He added that, with inflation, that forced him to raise his prices not once but twice.

"In the last two years probably 25%," Cohn said.

For example, a menu from about six months ago shows the price of the burger will cost you $6.75 ---- today – that same burger is $8.25. And six months ago, a Chicago Hot Dog would run you – $4.50 – today it goes for $5.45.

“I think if you can make it through this you should be able to make it through anything,” Cohn said. "The Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks the average costs of several items, including bread, milk, meat and gas.

“It’s crazy expensive at restaurants and grocery stores,” Beth Terlizzi said.

Terlizzi is a regular at Chicago Beef and Dog Company. The mother says she must make some drastic changes due to the rising prices of food and gas.

“Not buying as many clothes, not traveling quite as much,” Terlizzi said.

She says it’s been hard for her and her son but has this message for other families making the same sacrifices

“I would just tell them to hang in there,” Terlizzi said.