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Indiana organizations adjusting to pause in abortion law

Posted at 10:08 PM, Sep 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-23 22:08:14-04

INDIANAPOLIS — A day after a special judge blocked Indiana’s near total abortion ban, the state filed an appeal. As the legal fight continues, organizations on both sides of the issue are quickly adjusting now that abortion is legal again for all Hoosier women.

In the week Indiana’s near-total abortion ban was active, Jessica Marchbank with All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center said calls to the Hoosier Abortion Fund dropped significantly.

“On September 14th, I probably texted with 30 different people and on September 15th there were no new messages in our system, just none,” Marchbank said.

Since the pause in the law Thursday, Marchbank said call volume is back up. Marchbank notes since the preliminary injunction, confusion has set in. The focus now is to relocate women back to Indiana for abortion procedures.

“This morning I’m talking with someone in the Fort Wayne area who was planning on going to Bloomington, Illinois for an abortion, but now we’re looking at what are the options closer,” Marchbank said.

The pregnancy center also offers parenting and pregnancy support, including providing families in need of baby supplies, like diapers.

“We actively help people regarding choice whether that be through funding abortion or by sending them free diapers or sometimes both,” Marchbank said.

Melanie Garcia Lyon heads 'Voices for Life’ and the local ‘Sidewalk Advocates for Life’ chapter.

After pausing last week, both organizations are back to community outreach including outside clinics and door-to-door conversations.

“It can be a very uncomfortable conversation. Obviously, it’s a polarizing issue. But what we found is people really appreciate having peaceful, productive dialogues,” Lyon said.

Lyon added both organizations focus on educating others about available resources.

“We are also focusing a lot on the cultural change with abortion potentially being illegal depending on what happens with this lawsuit,” Lyon said.

Both Marchbank and Lyon said they are preparing for whatever may come next with the abortion law in the Hoosier state.

“We are bolstering for more diaper support, ore parenting support and to continue funding abortions as much as we can,” Marchbank said.

“If the law all of a sudden changes and abortion is again legal in Indiana, then we’re really going to double down on these educational efforts,” Lyon said.