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Kroger hosts hearing on proposal to add a gas station at 16th and Central location

Posted at 11:53 PM, Apr 19, 2022

INDIANAPOLIS — Tuesday night a passionate crowd voiced concerns about plans to expand the Kroger on 16th Street and Central Avenue by adding a gas station.

"And I'll let you know that I'm a hard 'no', because I don't think we need a gas station. I think gas stations are fading," said a concerned neighbor.

The Kroger company held a meeting at All Saints Episcopal Church Parish Hall for residents in neighboring communities to discuss those plans.

Kroger told residents adding a fuel center to that location will bring in more revenue. The proposal presented will allow a ten pump center and the necessary upgrades this location needs to attract more customers.

"There are future plans including current upgrades in the current budget cycle to include some internal improvements in that location as well," said Russell L. Brown, an attorney for The Kroger Company attorney. "So, it is a part of their business, that store is an important part of their business. This will allow continuing to offer that store to receive and be eligible for improvements going forward."

Residents shared that Kroger's location has been a problem for years. Many stated it lacks fresh food, produce, and upgrades like other Kroger locations, forcing them to shop elsewhere. They say it dumps more trash in their neighborhoods and they believe by adding a gas station, it's only going to get worse.

"We not only own our home, but we own rental properties in the neighborhood too. We're business people too. I would never treat my business like that. I don't treat my construction company like that," another resident said. "I'm offended that you continue to treat our neighborhood like this and then you come in here and want to dump this on us. Take care of your store first. It's an embarrassment for me to send our people in our apartment homes to this store because it's dirty."

"We really hoping that Kroger listens and takes into consideration what neighbors want and put into action what we expressed tonight," said Lamar Holliday, President of the Kennedy King Neighborhood Association.

City-County Council members also attended to hear residents voice their concerns before the hearing that is set for April 28.

If you have any questions or concerns prior to the hearing you are asked to contact Clark, Quinn, Moses, Scott & Grahn, LLP at 317-637-1321 and ask for Russell Brown or Elizabeth Williams.

The City-County Council wants to hear from you as well and asks that you contact them as well.