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Project Lifesaver in Hendricks County seeking more volunteers

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Posted at 6:23 PM, Sep 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-08 18:23:41-04

HENDRICKS COUNTY — When taking care of someone with special needs any additional help can make a huge difference. Especially for those with cognitive disabilities who can wander off. That is where Project Lifesaver comes in.

Marissa Grover's son JR has been taking part in the Project Lifesaver program for eight years. JR has a rare genetic disordered called Angelman Syndrome, which causes him to be non-verbal. She says her son also has no safety awareness.

"If he should see a lake or a pond and decide that he wants to go swimming he could run off and just jump in,” said Grover. “So especially around water, it gives a lot of peace of mind."

JR is always wearing one of the Project Life Saver transmitters. If he were to wonder off his family could call 911 and both emergency personal and volunteers would be able to track him.

"It sends out a radio frequency that is unique to that client. Then if they go missing their caregiver will call 911 that is equipped with a receiver which can track the transmitter,” Julia Lewis the Program Coordinator of Project Lifesaver Hendricks County said.

Lewis says the technology allows them to zero in on a lost loved one's location more quickly.

However, first responders can’t do it alone. That's why Project Lifesaver in Hendricks County is always looking for people willing to volunteer or organizations to partner with.

Once trained those who volunteer will become an electronic search specialists and can help in a time of crisis, which is crucial to the success of the program.

"It would be impossible to manage our huge amount of clients that we have as well as to find anyone that is missing," Lewis said.

In Hendricks County families who have loved ones with cognitive disabilities can participate in Project Lifesaver for free. The program is available in many other counties, towns and cities as well.

To find out if the program is in your area click here.