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Womens' voting organizations expect high turnout following new abortion restrictions

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Posted at 5:28 PM, Aug 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-26 18:25:25-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Generations of women paved the way for the right to vote.

"We have more rights than we did 102 years ago — since the passage of the 19th amendment. We know that did not give all women the same rights and there are still rights that we are fighting for today," said Haley Bougher, Vice President of Women4Change.

Bougher says although it's 2022 there is still work left to do for women's equality.

"Economic stability. Women are still not being paid the same and given the same opportunities as men in the workplace, women's health access has obviously been restricted recently and that's a right we will continue to fight for," she said. Bougher said.

On September 15, abortion will nearly be banned across Indiana. Exceptions are limited.

"The Supreme Court has historically restored or given us rights. This is the first time we have seen a court take away a right that was established for 50 years so that is incredibly significant," Julia Vaughn, Executive Director of Common Cause Indiana said.

Julia Vaughn feels it's a step backward in history and for women.

With midterm elections around the corner, she believes more voters will show up to the polls.

"In 2020, we had record level voter turnout for our state but we still ranked 46th overall," Vaughn said. "So, we really lagged behind but this year, I think could be different. You have voters upset, who are frustrated, who are angry and are going to take those emotions to the voting booth."

Bougher says every vote counts.

"The midterm elections are extremely important because it is Indiana's elected officials that are going to be on the ballot," Bougher said. "They matter the most. They are statewide, it's your prosecutor, it's the local officials that are going to affect your everyday lives."

If you have questions about who is on the ballot when you can vote or the registration process call the hotline 866-OUR-VOTE.